Embever IoT library


The latest Embever IoT library online documentation is always available from here.

Embever IoT library documentation can be locally build with Sphinx, to see more instructions, following this link.

Source code

Embever IoT library releases are available from here. Embever IoT library development code is available from here.


Embever IoT library aims at providing an easy to use library to working with the Embever IoT solutions. The Embever IoT library managing the leader role to handle any Embever IoT device which is supported by the Embever Serial Protocol. The supported Embever IoT modules are the followings:

  • CaaM development boards


Embever IoT library feature highlight:

  • Fully feature Embever Serial Protocol driver

  • Simple to use payload delivery system

  • Generic way to build IoT messages

  • Arduino framework support

  • Integration layer