The Embever IoT library depends on the CWPack library written by Claes Wihlborg (available here). To use the Embever IoT library all dependencies should be fulfilled.

Install as an Arduino library

The easiest way to install the Embever IoT library is to add it as an external library since the structure of the Embever IoT library repository is design to be compatible with an Arduino library.

The Embever IoT library is distributed on Github where can be downloaded as a compressed file (to get more information about handling a compressed libraries in Arduino IDE please refer the following article). Installing by arduino-cli is also possible using the arduino-cli lib install command. The arduino-cli can install a library directly from a remote repository, in this way, downloading an archive file is not necessary. For more information follow this link.


Using arduino-cli to install the Embever IoT library may require to enable unsafe sources.
Use the following command to enable installing from zip file:
arduino-cli config set library.enable_unsafe_install true

Verifying the installation

To make sure that the libraries are correctly installed, try to compile one of the sample application which can be found between the Arduino sample applications.